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Scott Woolley

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Scott Woolley

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Alfonso Vasquez

Well the last SuperHooligan Race went on Oct. 14, 2017 at Bolsa Chica State Beach. I ended up doing double duty racing in the mini moto and Flattrack.

I was having so much in the mini moto. It was time to qualify for the Flattrack. Whelp it didn’t go as planned. I ended up high-siding and the sporty slammed in my leg. At first I thought I sprained my ankle but my foot started to swell up fast.

Went to urgent care and had 6 fractures in my foot. My foot was too swollen to do surgery right away so we had to wait a week.

Surgery went well and thankfully only needed two screw and two pins.

I hope to get back to racing ASAP.

Derek Willett